5 år som Citrix Solution Advisor partner!

Publicerat: december 2015 

Stort tack till alla kunder som valt att anlita oss de senaste fem åren! Under dessa år som Citrix Solution Advisor har vi lyckats möjliggöra mobila arbetssätt, ökad produktivitet och nöjdare användare.

På Fidelity har vi fokuserat på starka, långsiktiga kundrelationer där vi arbetar tillsammans på en strategisk nivå för att lyckas med Citrix lösningar för en produktiv, modern arbetsyta med mobilitet som fundament.

Framgent ser vi den digitala arbetsytan frikopplas, explosionen av devices som den mest spännande utmaningen och ännu fler möjligheter inom mer mobila arbetsätt. Vi ser fram emot att jobba ännu mer strategiskt kring er verksamhet och visioner.

Åter igen ett stort tack från oss alla på Fidelity Consulting!


Citrix expands your WAN capacity at very low cost

Publicerat: april 2015 

Citrix new CloudBridge Virtual WAN solution allows to create one cheap, virtual ”Always On” WAN network by bonding together multiple network services. What it means;

Expand WAN bandwidth using e.g. DSL and 4G wireless connections instead of expensive MPLS capacity.

Ensure that business applications always perform well even when the underlying network is unreliable.

Add or decrease bandwidth quickly instead of waiting for months for service updates.

Slash cost of delivering mobile workspaces to local branches while ensuring high prio apps available.


Read more here: Citrix blog

AppSense Performance Manager 8.3 taming multi tab browsers!

Publicerat: april 2015 

We’ve been awaiting Performance Manager 8.3 and looking forward to getting better control of the browsers in our clients RDS/XenApp and VDI environments.

The browser is always in our top 5 heaviest user apps (and quite often the worst with background tabs running rogue). 8.3 was released on the 20th of April and what’s the fuss about? Hot from the release notes!

Improved handling of multi process applications such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

Performance Managers resource allocations can now be applied to sub-processes of applications that launch multiple processes.

Previously, Performance Manager’s ‘Window Position’ condition only applied to the process that hosts the top level window. With browsers such as Google Chrome or IE, Performance Manager’s resource allocations were applied to the process that hosts the top level window, but not the processes which render the tabs. It is these tab processes which are likely to consume more CPU or memory.

Performance Manager 8.3 now offers support for multi-process applications, such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, allowing resource management of background browser tabs.

We’ll be getting Performance Manager 8.3 implemented asap! Thanks AppSense!


Capture/Deploy Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview with MDT 2013

Publicerat: oktober 2014 

Now that Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview is out many of us IT Pros have or are currently downloading it for evaluation. I immediately tried to create a custom capture image in MDT 2013 so I can easily deploy this via our existing deployment engine.

I experienced a couple of problems along the way, which I will detail in chronological order.

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Report Builder can't connect to SQL Server

Publicerat: januari 2014 

You try to connect to the SCCM 2012 Data Source but Report Builder throws this error:

”A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occurred during the pre-login handshake. (provider: SSL Provider, error: 0 – The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted.)”

2014-01-14 11-28-13

This is because the connection needs to be authenticated by the means of a certificate that is on the SQL-server which your client doesn’t have. You need to export the ”ConfigMgr SQL Server Identification Certificate” from your SQL Server Personal store to your clients Trusted Root store. Here’s a How-To: Läs Mer »

SCCM Task Sequence Hangs

Publicerat: oktober 2013 

A lot of people use a Task Sequence to deploy applications after the Operating System has been installed. A customer of mine had an incident where the TS hung because Hotfix KB2761938 wasn’t installed on the clients. This stopped the clients from receiving applications. Except for installing the hotfix on the clients there’s a pretty easy fix for this.

But first, here are the symptoms of a hung Task Sequence:

.ExecMgr_OnContentAvailable invalid request GUID handle

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Running a User Discovery for ONE user…

Publicerat: september 2013 

Isn’t it annoying when a customer has a ”bad” AD-structure that makes it impossible to run user-discovery or system discovery often enough? By ”bad” AD-structure I mean putting computers or users for an entire organization in one OU for example. The drawback of not being able to run User/System-discovery often enough is that users will have to wait for their applications after the computer is installed since SCCM doesn’t know about the group memberships until the discovery tasks are run.

I’ve come up with a method for inventoring only one computer/user. In this first post of two I’ll describe the process for users, which is useful if you run user-based installations. Läs Mer »

Report of all Packages in a Folder

Publicerat: september 2013 

Yes, you can place the cursor on the Package Folder in the SCCM-console and select
Show->Export List to export all packages in a folder. BUT. There seems to be a limit to maximum 500 packages so you will not get all packages in your folder if you have a lot of them. AND maybe someone in management want the report as a webreport too… So here are the three things you need to do.

1. Create the Report. Easy, I’ve got it here for you:

SELECT v_Package.PackageID, v_Package.Name, vSMS_Folders.Name AS Expr1
 vFolderMembers ON v_Package.PackageID = vFolderMembers.InstanceKey INNER JOIN
 vSMS_Folders ON vFolderMembers.ContainerNodeID = vSMS_Folders.ContainerNodeID
WHERE (vSMS_Folders.Name LIKE @Foldername)
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Bitlocker Status Report

Publicerat: augusti 2013 

With Windows 7, creating a report in SCCM for all your computers is really simple. First you need to expand your sms_def.mof file to gather the Bitlocker status data that is stored in WMI on your clients.

Insert this at the bottom of
%Program Files%\Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\clifiles.src\hinv\sms_def.mof

[ SMS_Report (TRUE),
 Läs Mer »

Citrix XenApp 6.0 and Slow WAN Performance

Publicerat: juli 2013 

Wait! Why even bother with slow performance issues in XenApp 6.0? XA 6.0 was released ages ago in like 2010, and XA 6.5 in 2011… Dog years and tech years are almost about the same, haha! So just update and deal with whatever issues you have in the latest version… Sound familiar? Yeah, but in the end, in large companies and corporations it’s not that easy with upgrades because dev/test phases take time, securing dependencies etc. as well as rolling out the upgrades and new solutions.

I’ve held of this post for over a year, almost two, but now I am on vacation and had some time over! Working on my vacation *grin*. Well, some time over and that I realize that even though there are things like EOM, EOL, (http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX122442) and the, to me at least, very funny EOES – End of Extended Support, there are still a lot of Citrix customers stuck on XenApp 6.0. (I think it’s funny because I am just waiting for the acronym EOPES – End of Prolonged Extended Support). Läs Mer »

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